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Conference Program 2018

12th Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems

May 15th and 16th, 2018 in Dresden

The 12th conference on diagnostics is scheduled for May 15th and 16th, 2018 in Dresden.

The topics in 2018 will again focus on current challenges and new technologies concerning test and diagnostics in e/e-systems in motor vehicles in combination with an interconnected infrastructure, new assistance functionalities, remote diagnostics as well as the compliance of legal requirements and standards. Additional information concerning the planned topics, the conference program, dates and deadlines, and the registration will be given shortly.

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Call for Paper 2018, Conference Program 2018 and Registration 2018 (coming soon)

11th Diagnostics Conference 2017

May 16th and 17th 2017 in Dresden

The diagnosis infrastructure today is characterized by the increasingly sophisticated integration of standardized technologies and established analysis methods. This includes the diagnosis data (ODX), the transport protocols (ISOTP, DoIP), the diagnosis procedures (OTX), as well as onboard and offboard diagnosis methods using differing testing tools.

In the context of highly automated driving and the internet of things, modern vehicles cannot be understood as singular units, but rather as units included into a global function landscape. Relating to this, the question arises if the established diagnosis technologies are sufficient or have to be extended. Technologies of interest are remote diagnosis, cross-domain end-to-end diagnosis, knowledge-based methodologies, artificial intelligence, as well as new algorithms for fault detection in electronic control units. Applying and using these new technologies in the scope of the vehicle diagnosis will present challenges and implication to the diagnosis as we understand and use it at the moment.

Focus areas at the conference 2017:

  • Remote diagnosis and safety
  • Diagnosis in the life cycle
  • Artificial intelligence and diagnosis
  • The transition of the diagnosis and future systems
  • Concepts, technologies and applications of vehicle diagnosis
  • Electric/Electronic-Architecture in and surrounding the vehicle

In this context, the newest research and development results, as well as experience reports in the area of vehicle diagnosis are presented and discussed at the 11th Conference on Vehicle Diagnosis. Additionally, the newest products are presented at the accompanying exhibition.


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