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History, Facts, and Goals of the Conference

The conference "Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems" was established in 2007. Since 2010 the conference is located in Dresden.

The goal of the conference is the presentation of and discussion about new methods for testing and diagnostics regarding vehicle e/e-systems. Therefore, the conference can be understood as a platform to further improve these methods and topics by enabling a dialogue in the expert audience.

Delivering the cross-discipline, solution-oriented, and equally pleasant atmosphere for discussion, a vast number of current key issues concerning testing and diagnostics have been presented and discussed by the expert audience, and new approaches for mastering the challenges have been found.

Topics have been inter alia new standardization approaches in diagnostics (ODX, OTX), present and new diagnosis methods, and new tools set up by the research and development efforts of universities and industry alike. Also, procedural topics at the OEMs and their suppliers are issues of discussion as well as reliability topics in the context of ISO 26262. Additional topics like OBD, WWH-OBD, and testing regarding the main inspection complete the scope of the conference. Furthermore, due to the development of ever more interconnected systems in the vehicle as well as cross-vehicle, the importance of testing and diagnosis increases regarding safety and functionality aspects.

In the section Review you can find information concerning the previous conferences since 2007 until today. Track the current development efforts regarding vehicle testing and diagnostics by the means of the previous conference content and note the next conference date. We would be delighted about your participation at the next diagnostics conference.