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8th Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems (2014)

New Methods for Testing and Diagnostics in Vehicle E/E-Systems

May 14th and 15th, 2014 in Dresden

New challenges occur concerning the technical mastery of the vehicle systems due to the increasing number of electronic systems as well as the related growing complexity of functional networking:

  • Vehicle diagnostics - Self-Diagnosis of control units and diagnostics in the service in relation to safety and risk analysis
  • Compliance to legal requirements (WWH OBD, EU5/6, StVZO §29, etc.)
  • Ensuring the functionality of new, cross-vehicle interconnected infotainment and driver assistance systems

These interdisciplinary topics require new approaches, ideas, and experience originating of all areas of vehicle development. Vehicle diagnostics and testing as well as basic system analysis emerge as interdisciplinary key competence in the vehicle development.

In this context, the most recent development results and research reports as well as practical experiences were presented and discussed at the 8th conference on vehicle diagnostics.

Industry representatives were able to present their new solutions and products of the referred topics at the exhibition accompanying the conference.

Key topics of the conference in 2014:

  • OTX - Applications
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Knowledge-Based diagnostics
  • Diagnostics in the control unit
  • The future of offboard diagnostics
  • OBD

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Proceedings to the conference 2014

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