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6th Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems (2012)

New Methods for Testing and Diagnostics in Vehicle E/E-Systems

With current developing reports, system presentations, and practice contributions, the current state and the future trends for research and development regarding testing and diagnostics in electronic vehicle systems have been discussed at the 6th conference on diagnostics in mechatronic vehicle systems on May 7th and 8th, 2012 in Dresden. Concerning the below listed key topics, top-class contributions were given by industrial and R&D experts.

Key Topics:

  • OBD - General conditions for testing and diagnostics - Integration into the testing and diagnostics processes of the overall vehicle
  • Lawful planning of testing
  • Standardization of exchange formats (ODX, OTX) and product documentations
  • Challenges to diagnostics in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Diagnostics and testing in the customer service
  • Ensuring the diagnosability throughout the vehicle life cycle
  • Risk analysis and management, FMEA methods, and system safety
  • Automated, model-based software and hardware testing
  • Functionality-Oriented approaches for testing and diagnosing of e/e-system components
  • Testing requirements and applications
  • Derivation of viable testing strategies for future safety critical e/e-systems in the vehicle
  • Diagnostics and testing requirements - Complexity of future systems
  • Diagnostics in the age of the cloud and tele services

Proceedings to the conference 2012

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