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5th Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems (2011)

New Methods for Testing and Diagnostics in Vehicle E/E-Systems

The request of increased safety, comfort, and energy efficiency demands a large variety of highly interconnected mechatronic vehicle systems. The majority of these systems is designed using flexibly configurable hard and software structures in order to solve the trade-off concerning individuality of the vehicles and low cost development. Due to the increasing number of electronic systems and the accompanying growing of the interconnection complexity, new challenges occur regarding the system mastery in the fields:

  • Self-Diagnosis of control units (safety reliability, and risk analysis)
  • Legal fulfillment (OBD, WWH-OBD, EU5/6, etc.)
  • Diagnostics and testing in the process chain
  • Standardization ODX, OTX, ISO-Norms
  • Ensuring the functionality of all vehicle systems during the complete vehicle lifecycle

This interdisciplinary topic requires the combination of technical know-how and knowledge using new approaches, methods, ideas, and experiences from all disciplines of vehicle development. Diagnostics in combination with testing of technical systems increasingly arises as interdisciplinary key competence of the vehicle development.

During the 5th conference on diagnostics in mechatronic vehicle systems on May 9th and 10th, 2011 in Dresden, newest development results, methods, and trends concerning the named topics have been presented and discussed. Contributions were given by development engineers, designers, and managers alike originating the fields of electric/electronics, mechatronics, system and functional networking, as well as hardware and software. Especially standardization topics concerning ODX, OTX and OBD have been intensively discussed by the experts of industry and science. Technical and economic experiences and improvement in their integration, as well as the combination with new technologies, approaches, and methods have been key topics of this exchange of experience.

Innovative technology corporations were able to present their new software and hardware solutions regarding the discussed topics at the accompanying exhibition. The resulting active exchange of experience repeatedly points out the importance of the topics concerning current and future vehicle systems and their development during the complete vehicle lifecycle.

Key Topic: Diagnosis in the Vehicle Life Cycle:

  • Tele diagnostics in the vehicle development process and lifecycle
  • Surveillance of vehicle conditions
  • OBD and diagnostics in customer service – functional development and application
  • Diagnostics specification process: Development and integration of onboard and offboard diagnostics modules
  • Methodological analysis and testing of the vehicle diagnostics using a universal interface tester

Key Topic: Standardization in Testing and Diagnostics:

  • Process chains for automated control unit application
  • HD OBD, SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO27145
  • Usage and experience regarding ODX, OTX and AUTOSAR in complex diagnosis procedures

Key Topic: New Technologies and Methods in Diagnostics:

  • State Based Diagnostics of System Internal Fault Origins by Using Boolean Rules
  • Functional Safety Management and methods of analysis in the development of safety critical systems in the vehicle
  • Risk analysis and management in complex systems
  • Remote software updating of prototypical vehicles
  • Adaptive, knowledge-based diagnostics systems
  • Optimization of the guided fault search using intelligent, adaptive models
  • Hybrid architectures for offboard diagnostics

Proceedings to the conference 2011

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Further information concerning the exhibition can be found here.