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1st Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems (2007)

Today's and future vehicles are not realizable without the use of interconnected microelectronic control units and mechatronically integrated vehicle systems. These systems realize important sensor and actuator functionalities concerning active and passive safety issues, as well as issues of comfort, energy management, and information management in the vehicle.

Furthermore, in the future new types of driver assistance systems and surveillance systems will increase safety and comfort, but also the overall complexity of the vehicles. New challenges occur concerning diagnosability, safety, and reliability due to the rising number of electronic systems and their growing functional interconnection.

During the 1st conference on diagnostics in mechatronic vehicle systems on April 17th and 18th, 2007 in Essen, newest development results, methods, and trends concerning the named topics have been presented and discussed. Contributions were given by development engineers originating the fields of mechatronics, hardware and software networking, data buses, application and system testing, engineering and construction, production and quality, as well as customer service.

Key Topics:

  • General conditions for testing and diagnostics
  • Diagnostics and testing in development
  • Diagnostics and testing in customer service and after sales
  • Ensuring the diagnosability during the vehicle life cycle
  • Requirements to diagnostics and testing - complexity in future systems
  • Vehicle lifecycle - legal diagnostics and testing procedures

Program to the conference 2007

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