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Conference Program 2016

10th Conference on Diagnostics in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems

May 10th and 11th, 2016 in Dresden

The 10th conference on diagnostics is scheduled for May 10th and 11th, 2016 in Dresden.

The topics in 2016 will again focus on current challenges and new technologies concerning test and diagnostics in e/e-systems in motor vehicles in combination with an interconnected infrastructure, new assistance functionalities, as well as the compliance of legal requirements and standards. Additional information concerning the planned topics, the conference program, dates and deadlines, and the registration will be given shortly.

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Conference Program


9th Diagnostics Conference 2015 - a Great Success

May 19th and 20th, 2015 in Dresden

The diagnostics in modern e/e-architectures and functional landscapes of vehicles is confronted with a paradigm shift.

A variety of challenges occur in the area of cross-product functionalities of the diagnosis technologies due to the transition of a diagnostical treatment of the vehicle as a part of a functional environment in contrast to the treatment as independent entity.

The manufacturers are confronted with elements of a functionality belonging to different product cycles (e.g. smartphones, infrastructure, and vehicle life cycles). Additionally, the extent and complexity of those functionalities drive the testing and diagnostics to new dimensions. To diagnose these overlapping systems, new technologies are needed, which are partly already in use in other industries and which probably can be applicated here.

A key technology is the aggregation and evaluation of the BigData of the interconnected data sources to SmartData. In combination with new remote diagnostics approaches, end-to-end diagnosis methods for domain crossing systems, new standardizations like OTX, ODX, WWH-OBD, knowledge-based diagnosis procedures, and new fault detections mechanisms in the control units, this technology will shape the future of vehicle diagnostics. Concerning this, new challenges occur regarding the mastering of the systems:

  • Vehicle diagnostics - Self-Diagnosis of control units and diagnosis in the service in relation to safety and risk analysis
  • Compliance to legal requirements
  • Ensuring the functionality of new, cross-vehicle interconnected infotainment and driver assistance systems

In this context, the most recent development results and research reports as well as practical experiences were presented and discussed at the 9th conference on vehicle diagnostics.

Industry representatives were able to present their new solutions and products of the referred topics at the exhibition accompanying the conference.


Diagnose in mechatronischen Fahrzeugsystemen 2015

Neue Verfahren für Test, Prüfung und Diagnose von E/E-Systemen im Kfz